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Nicosia Mall

When Nicosia Mall first opened its doors to the public in November 2018, we were looking for a professional photographer to photograph and capture the essence of the newest and biggest mall of the city. Ogival Visuals approached us and impressed us with their work and extensive knowledge of capturing big architectural projects, whether residential, hotels or public spaces like Nicosia Mall.

Their positive energy and enthusiasm for the subject is what set them apart from the competition and what helped us decide to work with them over the two years of our operation.

Capturing the size of the building and the variety of shop categories in the mall was very important for us, but most importantly Ogival Visuals managed to capture the lively atmosphere of the mall and the visitor experience within it, which made his photographs stand out.

They successfully captured the building with life.


Revekka Georgiadou 

Nicosia Mall CMO



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Kitchen Studio

Nicosia Mall
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